Watercolor Class


Watercolor Class


An Innovative Course in Transparent Watercolor

By Michael Crespo

There is no shortage of books on painting, but there are few—if any—which so thoughtfully and systematically teach you how to progressively build your skills as a beginner or a sophisticated artist.
If you ready to discover the endless possibilities of painting with watercolor, then explore this elusive medium with accomplished painting instructor Michael Crespo. This highly regarded how-to will assist both the seasoned artist seeking to reinvigorate their technique, and the beginner seeking a variety of watercolor approaches.

Structured after Crespo’s a long running and popular painting course, this step-by-step guide to watercolor painting covers elementary, intermediate, and advanced techniques. Topics include brush movement, color plans, washes, gouache, surface unity, chiaroscuro and others. Each lesson is paired with thought-provoking practice exercises plus examples of student work as they progress through the course. Crespo’s celebrated teaching style shines in lessons that are useful, versatile, and engaging. Watercolor Class encourages creative exploration and growth from painters of all skill levels, and above all, a profound appreciation for the enchanting art of watercolor.

Painting enthusiasts will also enjoy and benefit from Michael's other work, How to Make an Oil Painting.

Page Count: 258

ISBN: 9781635616958 (Paperback)

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