Seeing the Light


Seeing the Light


Estimated publishing date: 1/25/19

Optics in Nature, Photography, Color, Vision and Holography

By Dieter R. Brill, David R. Falk & David G. Stork

Finally, a book on the physics of light that doesn’t require advanced mathematics to understand. Seeing the Light is the most accessible and comprehensive study of optics and light on the market. With a focus on conceptual study, Seeing the Light leaves the heavy-duty mathematics behind, instead using practical analogies and simple empirical experiments to teach the material.

Each chapter is a self-contained lesson, making it easy to learn about specific optical concepts without having to read the whole book over. Inside you’ll find clear and easy-to-understand explanations of topics including:

 • Processes of vision and the eye
 • Atmospherical optical phenomena
 • Color perception and illusions
 • Color in nature and in art
 • Digital photography
 • Holography
 • And more

Diagrams, photos, and illustrations help bring difficult concepts to life, and optional sections at the ends of chapters explore the more advanced aspects of each topic. A truly one of a kind book for physics students and teachers, this updated edition of Seeing the Light is not to be missed.

Page Count: 494

ISBN: 9781626541092 (Hardcover)