Ariadne's Thread


Ariadne's Thread


A Workbook of Goddess Magic

By Shekhinah Mountainwater

According to ancient myths, the Goddess Ariadne fared poorly. But is that simply the story the Ancient Greeks wanted retold in their myths? 

In Ariadne's Thread, Shekhinah Mountainwater argues that reclaiming womanhood and seeking spiritual liberation from patriarchal limitations can change the world—not by flipping the tables to a hierarchical matriarchy but in working toward a peaceful, egalitarian, sustainable society that embraces the traditionally "feminine" values of compassion and nurturing regardless of gender. She looks carefully and with wisdom at the old stories, and skillfully tugs the loose edges of old paradigms. A pioneer of the Goddess feminist movement, Mountainwater employs powerful archetypes and a feminist ethic of care to challenge our assumptions and draw us from the mundane into the mysterious in our own lives. 

Considered a classic of women's spirituality and goddess worship, Ariadne's Thread offers a magical path of discovery into the mysteries of the Goddess.  It includes detailed explorations of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone guiding the cycles of life, as well as rituals to affirm our lunar and natural cycles in the world. As the Library Journal writes, this “well-written book encourages women to find their own spiritual path.”  Offering her own thread to guide our labyrinth, Mountainwater has illuminated a powerful, poetic, and joyful initiation.

Page Count: 392

ISBN: 9781635617733 (Paperback)

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