The Upward Spiral Workbook


The Upward Spiral Workbook


A Practical Neuroscience Program for Reversing the Course of Depression

By Alex Korb PhD with foreword by Peter C. Whybrow MD

When you have depression, you feel like you’re stuck in a downward spiral. Nothing seems as enjoyable as it used to, and everything is overwhelming. You may be squeezed by anxiety, loneliness, guilt, or even thoughts that life isn’t worth living. You may feel fatigued, but have trouble with sleep. You don’t understand why you’re stuck or what you can do about it. So, how can you reverse your depression and get back to the things you used to enjoy?

Drawing on neuroscientist Alex Korb’s highly successful book The Upward Spiral, this workbook offers simple, step-by-step skills to help you rewire your brain and create an upward spiral towards a happier, healthier life. With this guide, you’ll learn how even small changes in your daily routine can begin a cascade of wide-ranging and positive effects. And in each chapter, you’ll find dozens of examples, tips, and strategies to help you feel better now, and set you on the path toward lasting well-being.
With this powerful workbook, you’ll learn:

• How your brain works and why you feel depressed
• Motivating tips for increasing exercise and adopting better sleep habits
• How cultivating compassion and gratitude can improve your mood
• Tons of easy activities to help you feel better

Page Count: 228

ISBN: 9781635618808 (Hardcover)

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