Beginner’s Guide to Guns and Shooting


Beginner’s Guide to Guns and Shooting

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Understanding Firearms: How they Work & How to Safely Use Them

By Clair Rees

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Want to learn how to clean, handle, and fire your very own gun?

Look no further! In this handy volume, shooting expert Clair Rees has compiled the ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Guns! This introduction to gun selection, sighting, maintenance, and proper handling is a must-have for newcomers to the fun and exciting sport of shooting and is a great resource for seasoned experts who want to keep up their good technique!

Rees approaches the topic of gun ownership with an objective and even-keeled voice, placing a heavy emphasis on the proper gun-handling techniques that make shooting a fun and safe sport for everyone!

Beginning with an overview of gun safety and care, Rees takes us through the developmental history of the modern firearm starting with the most primitive firing mechanisms of the 13th Century through the invention of the matchlock musket, wheellock, miquelet, snaphaunce, and flintlock. With an abundance of helpful diagrams, illustrations, and photographs, The Beginner’s Guide to Guns will teach you everything you need to know about selecting, sighting, shooting, and caring for a variety of rifles, handguns, and shotguns.

About the Author

Clair F. Rees is a lifelong resident of Utah where he has contributed to a variety of hunting and shooting related publications. He served as editor-in-chief of Muzzleloading Hunter and Shot Business, and as contributing editor ofShooting TimesGuns, Guns & Ammo, and Rifle Magazine. Rees has also published in Field & StreamOutdoor Life, and Sports Afield. In addition to having been twice named Anschutz Outdoor Writer of the Year, Rees has published 10 books about hunting, shooting, and the outdoors including, Be an Expert ShotThe Ultimate Guide to Handgun Hunting, and The Sportsman’s Guide to Handgunning.