Do or Die


Do or Die

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By A.J. Drexel Biddle

The timeless techniques of the infantryman are demonstrated in this classic manual of hand-to-hand combat, explaining the combat techniques of bayonet fencing, knife fighting, jiu-jitsu, savate and boxing. Accepted as a training guide by the U.S.M.C. when it was published in 1937, it is an essential book for students of close-quarter combat.


First published in 1937, Do or Die served the U.S.Marine Corps through two world wars, training America’s elite soldiers and special agents in the art of hand-to-hand combat.  Inside you’ll find priceless information on defending yourself and incapacitating enemies with techniques from:

• Bayonet fencing
• Knife fighting
• Jiu-jitsu
• Kickboxing (savate)
• Boxing

The author, Lt. Col. A.J. Drexel Biddle, was an expert in sword, bayonet, broadsword, dagger, and epée combat techniques. Here, he demonstrates with precise detail the techniques that every modern warrior needs to know
before heading into battle.

When it comes fitness, self-defense, and hand-to-hand combat, Do or Die is a one-stop manual on kicking ass like a marine.