Dressage in Lightness


Dressage in Lightness


Estimated publishing date: 1/4/19

Speaking the Horse's Language

By Sylvia Loch

When it comes to riding, it is easy to forget the horse’s point of view.

To create a relationship of understanding between horse and rider, we need to understand what the horse feels when we communicate in a particular way. This innovative guide shows you how to improve your riding with better communication. Sylvia Loch clearly explains the importance of tapping into a horse’s excellent memory with good sensations.

 Loch focuses on helping the rider learn what movements help motivate a horse to learn new skills—and equally importantly—what feelings your horse may hate! By studying the muscle systems and understanding where your horse needs more support, it becomes easier to anticipate what he or she needs to feel in order to respond appropriately.

Loch’s innovative approach is must reading for every equestrian looking to improve transitions, exercises and movements. 

“When to ask, and how to ask, has to be the foundation of good schooling, yet too often these factors are overlooked in the rider’s hurry to achieve.” —Sylvia Loch

Page Count: 290

ISBN: 9781635616965 (Hardcover)

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