Dressage: The Art of Classical Riding


Dressage: The Art of Classical Riding


By Sylvia Loch

Foreword by Brigadier General Kurt Albrecht

Discover the magnificent history of dressage in this insightful work from Sylvia Loch, acclaimed riding teacher and expert on the subject of classical horsemanship. Dressage chronicles the origin and development of every facet of the sport, including everything from its beginnings in ancient Greece to the current state of practice and competition.

Loch begins with a thorough examination of what dressage is, and how our understanding of it has changed over time. With clear and contemporary prose, she eloquently traces the threads that connect the evolution of this elegant tradition throughout the centuries. All of the important schools, masters, and famous horsemen are covered in lavish detail. Starting over 2,000 years ago with Xenophon’s equestrian philosophy, Dressage progresses through the Renaissance and Enlightenment to Nuno Oliveira and the écuyères of the nineteenth-century French circus. Also of note is the spread of dressage from Europe to the rest of the world, which continues up to the present day, and has been more firmly established with the sport’s inclusion in the modern Olympics.

Illustrated with more than 100 paintings and photographs, Dressage is a thoroughly-researched and engaging history. Loch’s work is the comprehensive and definitive reference source for dressage enthusiasts. It is a treasure trove of fascinating information for all riders, of all disciplines, and of all skill levels. Reading it will inspire you to improve your own riding, deepen your understanding of dressage, and increase your appreciation of this fine art of horsemanship. 

Page Count: 248

ISBN: 9781635617405 (Hardcover)