Getting Set for Golf


Getting Set for Golf

from 18.95

How to Master the "Preswing" and Shave Strokes off Your Game

By Carl Lohren

PGA Tour Pro Carl Lohren follows up his blockbuster book “One Move To Better Golf” with tips and techniques to transform yourself from duffer to scratch golfer. In print large enough to read with a golf club in your hands, Lohren teaches how to master the “preswing” and visualize your way to a better overall game.

ISBN: 9781626545021 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781635617665 (Paperback)


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Carl Lohren’s long-awaited follow-up to his beloved guide One Move To Better Golf is a treasure for both weekend duffers and scratch golfers. Tee up with this Master PGA Pro and start turning those bogies into birdies.


Metropolitan PGA Hall of Famer Lohren, named one of the Top 25 Golf Teachers of the Century, lays out his tried and true techniques to improve your swing before it even begins. Carl’s tips for lowering your score while raising your game are laid out in large print so it is easy to follow along while swinging a club.


Long considered the “Pro To The Pros,” Carl Lohren shares the knowledge and wisdom that come with nearly sixty years as a professional golfer.


• Learn how to master the “preswing.”

• Learn how the right grip can add power to your swing

• Learn visualization techniques to improve your form