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One Move to Better Golf

from 18.95

by Carl Lohren with Larry Dennis

In 1966, Carl Lohren made a breakthrough, and One Move to Better Golf explains it all. Highly regarded as an instructor and player in the New York Metropolitan PGA Section, Lohren formed his ideal golf swing after years of studying master golfer Ben Hogan. His eyes were opened at the 1964 Carling Open when he watched Hogan select an 8-iron and take a short swing on a 150 yard shot. To Lohren's surprise, Hogan's ball exploded off the clubface and wound up ten feet from the pin! This inspired Lohren to start his swing by turning his left shoulder as Hogan had. Immediately upon doing so, Carl's ball flight took on a different look: it had a piercing trajectory, with plenty of carry and roll. Carl continued to refine his method, so that in 1968, he won the NY State PGA Championship in a playoff over former Ryder Cup player Bill Collins.

In One Move to Better Golf, Lohren explains a simple method of starting the golf swing with one move that incorporates the fundamentals. In doing so, he gives you a framework of confidence for your swing. He also provides students with a complete methodology of the physical and mental preparation necessary for effective shotmaking.

Whether you are a low or high handicapper, One Move to Better Golf will give you a clear understanding of the total golf swing.

Carl Lohren has become best known for his innovative methods of golf instruction over his 50-year career of professional competition and teaching. Lohren worked as a PGA club professional, improving upon his game and studying the best ball strikers on the PGA Tour. After his mastery of the one move, Carl continued to excel as a tournament player, winning more professional tournaments, qualifying for the Champions Tour, in addition to competing in 11 major championships, 15 PGA Tour events, and numerous international tours. For more information, visit his website:


ISBN: 9781626540620 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626540422 (Paperback)

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