The 40-Knot Sailboat

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The 40-Knot Sailboat

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By Bernard Smith

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The 40-Knot Sailboat is for boat designers or sailing enthusiasts looking to maximize their sailing speeds and improve handling. Although he originally published this book in 1963, Bernard Smith had such advanced thinking and technical insights that his work is still studied and important to anyone interested in creating the fastest sailboats.

The 40-Knot Sailboat is divided into three parts:

  • Part one explains the history of the sailboat's problems.
  • Part two recounts developments relating to the Aerohydrofoil.
  • Part three focuses on the technical aspects of Smith's innovative designs, including both non-technical and technical (which include mathematical formulas) aspects.

The 40-Knot Sailboat is must reading for anyone serious about creating cutting edge sailboats.