Training Soccer Champions

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Training Soccer Champions

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By Anson Dorrance with Tim Nash

Do you have what it takes to train champions?

In Training Soccer Champions, leading NCAA coach Anson Dorrance shares the secrets to creating and maintaining a winning team. Dorrance explains his philosophies, provides practical lessons, and reflects on his experience, offering the invaluable perspective of one of the world's outstanding coaches.

Training Soccer Champions digs deep into the psychology of the female athlete and conveys the principles of coaching to benefit average and high-performing teams alike. Field strategy, motivational techniques, team dynamics, and much more are discussed in this must-have guide to coaching. With countless championship titles and numerous awards, Anson Dorrance knows what it takes to win, and now you can too.

ISBN: 9781626549371 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626549203 (Paperback)

Audio edition forthcoming

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