Get Your Copy of the Book Donald Trump Doesn't Want You to Read!

Originally published in 1993 and now back in print with updated material, Harry Hurt III's jaw-dropping exposé of real-estate mogul and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump presents an unvarnished, well-researched portrayal of the man who has vowed to "Make America Great Again."

Among the revelations Hurt's sources reveal are:

  • The helicopter crash that killed Trump's most valued executives and his opportunistic response to the tragedy;
  • The psychological tension between his sense of entitlement and notable physical and emotional insecurities; 
  • Trump's tumultuous personal affairs; his fabricated public persona as a ladies' man, Marla Maples, and all the details of the now infamous "emotional rape" of Ivana; 
  • The Trump family's long-standing connections of organized crime.

Described by the Los Angeles Times as being full of "juicy much more!", Lost Tycoon is a must read for anyone curious about the man behind the sensation. Click here to get your copy now!

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