Marshall Glickman

Like most people in the publishing world, Marshall is a book junkie–an avid reader, a bookstore and library hound, a published writer, editor, and publisher. Unlike many bookish sorts, Marshall is also a focused businessperson. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Northwestern University, he had a very successful stint as a stockbroker (the savings and investments from that short period allowed him to subsidize more idealistic pursuits – see his New York Times Magazine column about that experience). Since then Marshall has been both a writer and small business owner. In 1990 he started the ad-based environmental quarterly Green Living and was the editor/publisher until selling it in November 2005. After selling Green Living, Marshall devoted himself full time to Echo Point Books & Media. Starting the business literally from his basement with one part-time employee, the business has grown 100-fold. It now employs about forty. In 2011, Echo Point added a publishing division; by the end of 2014 it had roughly 150 books in print.

Marshall has written two books, The Mindful Money Guide: Creating Harmony Between Your Values and Your Finances (Random House/Ballantine Wellspring, 1998) and Beyond the Breath: Extraordinary Mindfulness Through Whole-Body Vipassana Meditation (Tuttle Publishing, 2002), and he has published articles in many publications including The New York Times Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Examiner, The Washington Post, Mother Earth News, Natural Home, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, Buddhadharma (a spinoff of Shambhala Sun), and E Magazine.


Jake Mayer
associate publisher

Jake is a graduate of Carleton College and holds a MS in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College.  Along the way he has taught college and adult education courses, owned a private label manufacturing company specializing in tea and herbal formulations, maintained a private acupuncture practice, and has developed and marketed a wide assortment of online ventures.  As an avid seeker of information both useful and arcane, Jake enjoys a growing knowledge base of software tidbits, homesteading, vintage motorcycle maintenance, and assorted culinary explorations.


FreD Lee
Manager, Production



A graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Sean is interested in ancient history, analytic philosophy, radical politics, and baseball.



Mark meets the challenges of work and life with conscious efficiency, which is highly valued at Echo Point Books & Media. When not managing staff and operations of our book sales, he loves to be outside, working with his hands, and spending time with family. Mark holds a BA in Mass Communications from Franklin Pierce College and Permaculture Design Certificate from Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, CA.