Freshwater Aquaculture

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Freshwater Aquaculture

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By William McLarney

Freshwater Aquaculture is the definitive guide to freshwater aquaculture, an indispensable resource for both professional aquaculturists and backyard fish growers. William McLarney, scientist and pioneer in the field, describes every aspect of aquaculture, from the underlying scientific concepts to stepby- step instructions for each type, size, and phase of culture. Numerous species are discussed in detail, from catfish and trout to freshwater shrimp and clams. The emphasis throughout is on energy efficiency and ways to work profitably within natural ecosystems.

Using numerous tables, hints, and details of how and how not to do it, McLarney proves fish culture need not be hit or miss, with endless trial and error, financial losses, and discouragement to the prospective farmer.

Nothing has been overlooked in this guide. As well as providing all the basic information on the culture of North American freshwater food fishes, the author has explained the various aquaculture systems, including those integrated with plants, land animals, and cage cultures. Pond construction and repair, water quality and chemistry, marketing and shipping concerns, diseases, and legal restrictions are all explored.

Freshwater Aquaculture includes cooking methods for the different species as well as a large appendix describing qualities such as habitat, ease of culture, and flavor of the thirty-five food fishes discussed. A thorough resource section provides valuable information on publications, supplies, advice, and training.


ISBN: 9781626542327 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626549906 (Paperback)

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