Damaged Book Sales

Started in 2002 with one part-time employee in the basement of a remote log cabin in southern Vermont, Echo Point Books & Media, supports the old adage that “build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.” Developed in the post-Amazon era, our unique and better way of handling damaged books, has greatly benefited our publishing partners and allowed us to become one of the largest and fastest growing online booksellers in the country. We now work out of a 70,000 square foot warehouse, handling over 70 publisher clients with billions in collective sales.

Echo Point makes it virtually effortless for publishers to turn their hurt books into a valuable asset. Our careful pricing lets publishers benefit from the used book market with no noticeable effect on new book sales. We turn your damaged book liability into an immediate profit center, a free marketing tool, and a valuable source of market data. Through our proprietary pricing algorithms, top notch service, near-perfect customer feedback, and careful attention to secondary market pricing and trends, we sidestep the downward pressure on secondary market book prices that is typical of other damaged book sellers.

Over the years we have turned millions of books headed for recycling or the landfill into millions of dollars of income and increased new book sales for our publishing partners. Let us help you turn what was a problem into a valuable asset. To see a more detailed proposal about how we work and what we offer, please email Marshall at marshall@echopointbooks.com