Living Fences


Living Fences

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A Gardener’s Guide to Hedges, Vines & Espaliers

By Ogden Tanner

It’s reasonable to want to make one’s home a serene oasis, a safe haven from hustle and bustle of a busy life. Why, then, is it so hard to make such a space a reality? Between street noise, boisterous neighbors, stray animals, wandering pets, headlights, and streetlamps, it is nearly impossible to feel secluded at home these days. High stockade fences and masonry walls can feel austere and uninviting; no one wants to be resented by their neighbors. And zoning laws and building codes mean you might have to inch your way through a maze of red tape before you even break ground.

Living fences are the solution. In addition to blocking unsightly views and providing some well-deserved privacy, versatile and graceful screens of living plants are a natural and aesthetically pleasing alternative to man-made fences. In this illustrated guide, celebrated garden and landscape designer Ogden Tanner provides all the information you need to select, plant, and maintain an array hedges, vines, shrubs, and espaliers to create a verdant and relaxing atmosphere around your house. With detailed information on over 100 species of plants, Living Fences is a one-stop manual for beautiful and functional garden design.


ISBN: 9781626543751 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626543744 (Paperback)

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