Two Acre Eden


Two Acre Eden

from 18.95

By Gene Logsdon

Two Acre Eden is more than your average how-to book.

The first in a long line of beloved books by homesteading sage Gene Logsdon, Two-Acre Eden is an insightful and light-hearted treatise on gardening, homesteading, and getting the most out of your land.

With a healthy dose of humor and an eye toward pragmatism, Logsdon dispenses page after page of unbeatable advice on designing, building, and living off of your very own two-acre Garden of Eden. Inside you ll find practical and creative tips on: Mulching Pesticide use Planting cycles Urban farming Pruning Seed selection And much more

Logsdon also devotes time to the discussion of livestock and how to best cultivate a self-sustaining country lifestyle. Forty years after its original publication, Two Acre Eden is as unique as ever. An inspiring and educational read for gardeners, aspiring homesteaders, and city-folk who dream of the countryside, Two Acre Eden will give you a fresh perspective on old traditions. "


ISBN: 9781626545823 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626545816 (Paperback)

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