Earth Ponds Sourcebook


Earth Ponds Sourcebook


The Pond Owner's Manual and Resource Guide

by Tim Matson

When Henry David Thoreau decided to learn the essential facts of life and what it had to teach, it’s not surprising that he lived next to a pond. There are few things in life as peaceful and as tranquil as a pond.

However, not all of us are as geographically fortunate as Thoreau . . . until now. Thanks to Tim Matson, we can all have a pond to philosophize next to, swim in, or skate on.  The Earth Ponds Sourcebook: The Pond Owner’s Manual and Resource Guide provides expert advice for pond building and maintenance, with up-to-date lists of suppliers and bibliographies, as well as information on pond-related structures like rafts, docks, and gazebos.

Additionally, The Earth Ponds Sourcebook covers ecological and legal issues involved in creating your own pond; including an in-depth look at potential structural disasters that could turn your peaceful water feature into a financial headache.

Tim Matson, the acclaimed guru of Earth Pond Building, covers everything you need to know about successfully building and maintaining your own pond, including:

· Deciding what size pump you’ll need for irrigation
· How to prepare your pond for winter
· How to deal with weeds, algae, and wildlife
· How to maintain a goldfish pond
· Converting your pond to a cold-weather skating rink

Page Count: 184

ISBN: 9781626543478 (Paperback)



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