How to Design Your Own Dress Patterns


How to Design Your Own Dress Patterns


Beloved Classic That Simplifies Dress Design

By Adele Margolis

"Anyone who can work through the labyrinthian directions for sewing that accompany the commercial pattern can surely learn the comparatively simple and clear rules for pattern making,"  Adele P. Margolis, renowned sewing expert.

Overflowing with useful information, this primer offers simple instructions for converting your own designs into working patterns. Written by Adele Margolis, a nationally-acclaimed expert in pattern making, tailoring and dressmaking, this must-have guide will take you step-by-step through darts, sleeves, necklines, closings and silhouettes. With Margolis’s guidance, you will quickly learn how to use this information to create your own custom-made patterns.

Applicable to every type of fashion, and featuring more than 1,000 illustrations – from skirts and dresses to sportswear and jackets — How to Design Your Own Dress Patterns will help you easily shape your fabric to your figure, creating fashionable necklines, mastering the art of flares, flounces, pleats and so much more.


Page Count: 290

ISBN: 9781635610932

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