Do you want to get fit in the comfort of your own bed?

With this book, you can! It’s the fitness solution you’ve been waiting for: a workout designed to build strength, endurance and flexibility in a gentle way.

  • A series of forty-two exercises drawing upon yoga, Pilates, karate, and stretching.

  • Grouped into three sections: exercises to be done lying on your back, sides, and stomach.

  • Tones muscles, increases strength and endurance, calms the mind, and, yes, even improves sleep.

  • Each easy-to-follow routine is described in detail, fully-illustrated with step-by-step photographs, and accompanied by modifications for special conditions and limitations.

  • Almost everyone can benefit from this simple program.

  • As featured on the TODAY Show.

Satisfied reviewers say:

“This is perfect for me - 73 and arthritic. One can get fit in comfort. That sounds like a contradiction in terms, but in this case it's not. I particularly like the fact that a chiropractor has supplied easier and safer versions of some exercises for people like me. After only a few days I am already feeling the benefits.“ — Rosemary

“This book was a gift from my father and I thank God for it. I was basically bed-ridden due to joint disease in both my hips and back. I could not do much weight-bearing exercise and I was looking for a way to burn calories so this was perfect. I started doing the exercises every day to the best of my ability. After a couple of weeks I began to lose inches and weight all while exercising in bed! what a blessing!“ — Darrell