Old Time Radios!


Old Time Radios!


Restoration and Repair

By Joseph J. Carr

The Golden Age of Radio may be long over, but the classic design of old time radios will never go out of style. Keep your vintage radio looking and sounding like the bee’s knees with this informative guide from electrical engineer and author Joseph J. Carr. Topics include:

• An illuminating overview of the pioneers of radio receiver design
• Trace the evolution of radio receivers over the decades
• Set your dial for the life story of the radio - from the living room to the car; from the shortwave to the citizen’s band

• Get in tune with the science of radio receivers
• Discover the ancient technology behind antique and classic radios

Practical Repair Guides
• Troubleshoot problems with your vintage radio
• Consult detailed schematics, charts, and pin-out diagrams


Page Count: 264

ISBN: 9781626545182 (Paperback)

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