The Science of Violin Playing


The Science of Violin Playing

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By Raphael Bronstein

Raphael Bronstein is among the most legendary violin instructors in recent memory. Arguably one of the strongest influences on our current generation of violin teachers and players, he counted among his students such luminaries as Elmar Oliveira, Martha Strongin Katz, Lya Stern, Jay Zhong, and his own daughter, Ariana Bronne.

Though he taught over 1000 students in the course of his career, The Science of Violin Playing is his only publication. A treasure for serious students of the violin, this book contains page after page of instructive and inspiring wisdom. Best read slowly and carefully, Bronstein teaches violin playing as both an art and science, turning his exacting eye and ear to every aspect of the instrument. Lessons include:

The principles and importance of visual intonation

Left hand technique and practice habits

The psychology of violin playing

Right arm technique including santille, spiccato, martele, ricochet, and more

Interpretation of pieces for performance

Technical analyses of complete violin concerti, including works by Mozart, Mendelssohn, and Tchaikowsky

For dedicated and ambitious violinists, this is a book to be studied, read, and re-read. Filled with a career's worth of advice and wisdom, The Science of Violin Playing is a remarkable book for all aspiring performers and teachers.


ISBN: 9781626546196 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781635618273 (Paperback)

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