The Heart Sutra in Calligraphy


The Heart Sutra in Calligraphy


A Visual Appreciation of the Perfection of Widsom

By Nadja Van Ghelue

"In the ancient art tradition of China and Japan, calligraphy and painting were methods for integrating body and mind. They were performed as a way to unite yin and yang—Earth and Heaven—within one's very being.” 
      —from the Introduction

The Heart Sutra is a treatise on enlightenment and a poetic distillation of the wisdom of Emptiness. With its brevity and depth of meaning, the Heart Sutra is one of the most accessible interpretations of the Buddha's teachings. Many believe that studying and copying the sutra increases one’s understanding of the ultimate truth and brings good karma and blessings to the artist. Both Chinese and Japanese calligraphers have practiced the art for centuries.
With beautiful, full-page renditions of two-color calligraphic art throughout, The Heart Sutra in Calligraphy is a unique resource for study and reflection. It presents the world’s most popular sutra in 56 unique calligraphies of ancient Chinese seal script brushed specially for this book. It includes a new English translation, a transliteration of the original Zen chant, and an introduction that discusses the history, meaning, and spiritual significance of the Heart Sutra and Asian calligraphy.

Buddhists and artists alike will delight in this inspired and meditative treatment of a treasured wisdom source. It is a remarkable study in the power and harmony of lines, and provides a gateway for seeking the Perfection of Wisdom through the beauty of the Heart Sutra.

Belgian born artist Nadja Van Ghelue has studied traditional calligraphy and sumie painting. She runs the online gallery


ISBN: 9781635610673 (Paperback)

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