The Classical Seat


The Classical Seat


Estimated publishing date: 1/25/19

A Guide for the Everyday Rider

By Sylvia Loch

Written by world-class equestrian & trainer Sylvia Loch, this concise guide will help riders of every level achieve their most collaborative harmony with their horse. Loch looks to show riders how riders can have greater ease and through a greater understanding of the simple mechanics of our own bodies. 

Of the several instructional books and DVDs Loch has created, The Classical Seat is the foundational text on proper and safe riding technique. With clear language and illustrations, Loch teaches the proper positioning of the riders’ legs, arms, and spine that is both correct and natural. For many, the world of dressage is intimidating and unapproachable. The Classical Seat helps remove the shroud of mystery from the sport, making a beautiful collaboration of horse and rider accessible to all. Loch’s approach is thorough and positive, and rooted in her deep love for horses.

Page Count: 82

ISBN: 9781635617160 (Paperback)