London Calling North Pole


London Calling North Pole

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The True Revelations of a German Spy

By Hermann J. Giskes

Sixty years ago in Nazi-occupied Holland, over 50 British and Dutch spies parachuted into the waiting hands of German soldiers. Most were arrested immediately and many were executed. For decades historians and the curious public have struggled to understand exactly what transpired behind the closed doors of the both the allied and axis intelligence during what came to be known as Operation North Pole and Das Englandspiel.

With key expository information sealed to this day, no one can say for certain who was fooling who. Were the Nazi’s taking advantage of an inept and disorganized British intelligence service? Or was the operation a self-sacrificial ploy on the part of the British to mislead Nazi intelligence about Allied planned attacks?

In this unique memoir, Hermann Giskes offers insight into the mysteries of Operation North Pole. Giskes, a high-ranking member of the German intelligence organization Abwehr, was one of the masterminds behind the operation.London Calling North Pole is an exciting and intriguing account of WWII from within the intelligence community, providing a compelling and honest account of the Englandspiel operation. Giskes gives us a glimpse into his keen mind and personal understanding of the ins and outs of Operation North Pole.

London Calling North Pole is the perfect complement to British cryptographer Leo Marks’ Between Silk and Cyanide. A must read for students of history, cryptologists, WWII buffs, and those seeking a better understanding of military intelligence.


ISBN: 9781626541832 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626541641 (Paperback)

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