Small-Scale Pig Raising

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Small-Scale Pig Raising

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By Dirk Van Loon

Do you dream of raising a feeder animal but have limited land, time, and money? Dirk van Loon has a solution for you! Covering everything from buying your pig to smoking your own bacon, Small-Scale Pig Raising will show you how to produce the most meat for the smallest investment of time and money.

This volume covers the essentials, including:

  • Housing & equipment
  • Penning & handling
  • Commercial feeds
  • Alternative feeds
  • Pig digestion & physiology
  • Breeding & farrowing
  • Management techniques
  • Butchering

Small-Scale Pig Raising includes in-depth detail on home butchering with step-by-step instructions and photos that break down the entire process from slaughtering to portioning meat for the freezer. This book covers everything a beginner needs to know.

Dirk van Loon, a graduate of the College of Agriculture at Cornell, publishes Rural Delivery, a monthly magazine for small-scale farmers, and raises food for his table in Nova Scotia.


ISBN: 9781626542471 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626548855 (Paperback)

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