The Owner Built Homestead


The Owner Built Homestead

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By Barbara Kern and Ken Kern

Homesteading is small-scale, intensive agriculture with a self-reliant attitude. Since the 1970s-when this book was first published-countless numbers have flocked to the countryside in search of self-sufficiency and refuge from cities and suburbs. This is the book that guided them. And now, 50 years later, it is finally back in print for a new generation of aspiring homesteaders.

Written in simple, direct language, The Owner-Built Homestead contains volumes of information about various aspects of settling and farming the land, including vegetable gardening, raising animals, maintaining a fish pond, harvesting trees, and building a green house. This book encourages a modest, country life of self-reliance and at least partial economic self-sufficiency. In addition to agrarians and full-time homesteaders, it will appeal to backyard gardeners, weekend country folk, and city-bound ecologists alike.

The book begins with a discussion of the mindset and attitudes essential to successful homesteading, followed by 20 fully-illustrated chapters of advice and instruction for sensible farming practices. Subjects include selecting and laying out a homestead site, with instructions for building roads, fences, a shop and a pit greenhouse; developing and managing water and soil resources; planting crops; tree and woodland production; animal and fish care; sanitation; and important information about nutrition.

Ken and Barbara Kern were firm believers in the enduring value of the homestead life. Here, they reveal their own experiences in a book that will be invaluable to anyone who shares their passions and beliefs.


ISBN: 9781626545458 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781626545441 (Paperback)

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